We partner with clients to co-create business strategies that deliver economic value in ways that also produce value for society by addressing a societal need or challenge that is aligned to their business purpose. Working with a business, we assist in identifying a central purpose, aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We then analyze its operations, products, and resources in order to identify opportunities, craft a strategy that shifts operation to its pursuit and establishes proof points for value creation.


We work closely with clients to create, launch, and monitor their Shared Value strategy implementation plans, including a purpose-driven brand strategy, that take into account the organisation’s operating realities. This includes ongoing analysis of results, consulting on challenges as they arise, and training employees to ensure a top-down commitment to the business’s Shared Value purpose, making it integral to the overall company strategy. We work alongside client in this implementation all the way to measurable success.


We work with organizations to redirect the use of resources and business processes to ensure an organization-wide adoption of Shared Value strategies. Through working with teams, individuals and departments, we advise on redirecting the use of resources, business products, budget allocations, and/or other operations to reshape the organization through organization-wide adoption of a Shared Value mindset. To this end, we assist with the cultivation of a purpose-driven culture that extends from the C-Suite to every department and branch.


We help create brands that reflect the purpose of a business through authentic, people-centred marketing strategies and creative executions for long-term consumer engagement, loyalty, and goodwill. This will ensure that your brand ‘talks the talk’ in a meaningful way, through the most effective channels.


We are the owners and organisers of the annual Africa Shared Value Summit (to find out more, visit www.africasharedvaluesummit.com). Shift also provides public and closed on-demand Shared Value workshops, which aim to give delegates an in-depth understanding of Shared Value. Informed by the latest thinking from experts, including relevant case studies, these workshops are tailored to the industry and the specific needs of the business. The Shift team are also available to speak at conferences and events.